About game

That’s japanese language hiragana game.
Your cat is hungry and want to eat fish.
Touch fish to catch them. Cat eats only fish with correct answers.

You can get more points in the bonus time.

You can improve your japanese hiragana while playing game and you will have a lot of fun!

45 levels with 5 stages

About 400 japanese words on this game.

How to play

1. Please touch fish with written hiragana of correct answer.
2. You can get point, if your answer is correct.
3. If you mistake the answer, you will lost a star. Game will finish after lost all stars.
4. You have bonus time, you can get extra points in this 15 seconds.

Game center support:

You can compare your score with others in the world

Unlock all levels

First 5 levels are ready to play, unlock other levels for more fun.